Windows Vista Ultimate extras now Free on Windows 7

decembrie 26 01:00 2009
Windows Vista Ultimate extras now Free on Windows 7

Microsoft has now released another App Store like product called “Games for Windows – LIVE” that lets you on demand find games, videos, add-on and extras for game that run on Windows. This is very much like Valve’s Steam client however Microsoft are only allowing  “Games for Windows” certified games to be listed.

The good news is that to celebrate the launch of “Games for Windows – LIVE” you can download “Tinker”  for free which was previously only available as a Windows Vista Ultimate extra.

Windows Vista Ultimate extras now Free on Windows 7

“Games for Windows – Live” also allows you to use you existing Xbox Live Gamertag so now you can have one profile across you PC and Xbox with all you achievements high scores.

Its nice to see Microsoft releasing this ultimate extra for free to everyone but it makes me wounder why I ever bothered to buy my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

What I really want to see now is Microsoft has to do is release a similar app store product for non-gaming Windows 7 certified applications so I don’t have to keep finding my DVD’s whenever I reinstall my OS.

Download the “Games for Windows – Live” client at and then launch Games for Windows Live from the Games Explorer in Vista/7 to get the Tinker game.

P.S. This will work with Windows XP as well.

By Alan Burchill

Twitter at @alanburchill



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