Step into an anechoic chamber where sounds go to die

iunie 24 16:00 2013

Stire din categoria Windows: Step into an anechoic chamber where sounds go to die

REDMOND, WASH. – June 24, 2013 – In the second episode of Microsoft’s new film series “On the Whiteboard,” Editor Pamela Woon exposes an anechoic chamber of secrets. It’s an isolated space where you can actually hear blood pumping through your veins – because in here, there’s no echo. In this heavily padded room in the heart of Microsoft Research, built on top of springs, sounds don’t bounce back, they’re absorbed. (But your body might, since you’re walking on springs.)

Researchers study the sounds of silence here, including testing and analyzing Surface to make sure that click you hear when you snap the kickstand shut is pleasing and robust to the average ear.

About the series

The whiteboard is the place of origin for some of technology’s biggest ideas and most compelling stories, and with this new film series, the focus is on just that – the stories, ideas, people, places and things that make Microsoft tick. These micro documentaries will take viewers behind the curtain, but also to the intersection of culture and technology, Woon explains.

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