Windows 7 in the UK sells for half the US price

august 20 02:20 2009
Windows 7 in the UK sells for half the US price

Looks like the United Kingdom won’t be affected by the strange Windows 7 pricing scheme set in the European Union. After much investigation thanks to CNet, it seems like full editions of Windows 7 will be offered in the UK for half of its American counterparts. It’s important to note that Amazon UK had said that the pricing on their website was “indefinite.”

On Amazon UK, a full edition of Windows 7 Home Premium costs £64 or $105 USD while the same item in the US costs $200. It also costs less than the upgrade edition in the US, which sells for $120 USD. Windows 7 Professional sells for £150 or $250 USD, which is still slightly lower than the retail price of $299 in the US.

Another major UK retailer called is selling the product at £75 or $125 USD, which is slightly more expensive than Amazon but still much lower than American prices.

These prices are for the full edition of Windows 7 in Europe that will feature a browser ballot screen. Microsoft announced earlier this month that they will no longer offer Windows 7 E in Europe.

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