Are you going to pirate Windows 7? Poll results in.

august 09 04:20 2009
Are you going to pirate Windows 7? Poll results in.

I originally created this poll because I thought it would be interesting to see how big of a concern piracy really is to Microsoft when it comes to operating systems. Here are the results:

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

I’ve compiled a pie chart for better visualization of the percentages of votes below:

Are you going to pirate Windows 7? Poll results in.Let’s simplify things even more by filtering the results to just Yes and No. To do this, I used the numbers from “No, I’m going to buy it” to represent No. I didn’t include “No, because I’m not buying it anyway” because those results aren’t related to the objective. I took exact numbers from “Yes” and included them into Yes. Then I took 40% of votes from “Yes, but if it’s good, I’ll purchase it” and put them into Yes as well. 40% is the number of IT organizations expected to deploy Windows 7 by 2010. Although most votes probably weren’t given by IT professionals, it was the most accurate figure I could use for assuming how many people will buy Windows 7 after pirating it. The results are quite interesting.

Are you going to pirate Windows 7? Poll results in.

A few factors that should be taken into consideration from these results:

  • Articles on this blog discussing build leaks are some of the most popular
  • Most people visiting Windows 7 Center are most likely fairly tech-savvy due to the nature of our site being a Windows 7 News / Fan Site
  • This poll has been running for a few months

If you placed a vote and would like to comment on it, please leave a comment in this post. It will be interesting to see why users believe Windows 7 should or should not be pirated. A new poll will be posted tomorrow.

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