Windows 7 ISO Verifier makes sure your builds are legit

iulie 07 05:00 2009

With builds leaking left and right, it is very important for users to ensure that their builds are legit, especially if they were downloaded from an unofficial source. Windows 7 ISOs that have been tampered with can contain security threats to whomever installs them.

Windows 7 ISO Verifier makes sure your builds are legit

The Windows 7 ISO verifier determines whether your file is legit before you run it. The simple application was created by Long Zheng and Sven Groot, and requires no installation whatsoever. Simply drop the ISO file onto the .exe, or double-click it and browse to your Windows 7 ISO file. Once you do that, it will take a few moments for the application to check the build. When it’s finished, the application will indicate whether your build is legit or not, and the build version. Verification hashes are requested over the internet so there is no need to update the app at all.

Just in time for one more leak that many of us are looking forward to.

Download the Windows 7 ISO Verifier from istartedsomething

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