Microsoft gives Europeans choice of browser in Windows 7

iulie 25 23:40 2009
Microsoft gives Europeans choice of browser in Windows 7

Microsoft gives Europeans choice of browser in Windows 7Microsoft stated in a press release that they have proposed a solution for Windows 7 to the European Comission that will allow Europeans browser freedom. This move is being made as a response to the concerns of antitrust regulators in the EC.

The Redmond company’s proposal includes presenting a ballot screen to the user on the first boot, which would allow them the choice to install competing browsers if they wish to do so. If the proposal is accepted by the EC, Windows 7 will be delivered with full functionality including Internet Explorer 8, which will continue to be set as the default browser. It would also mean that Windows 7 E would be unnecessary. Microsoft plans to sell Windows 7 E until the proposal is accepted by the EC.

This is big news for European users, since many of the hassles that come with Windows 7 are due to Microsoft’s efforts to comply with antitrust regulations in Europe. With the browser problem solved, users no longer need to buy IE8 CDs or use workarounds to get a browser. This could also mean that Europeans may finally be able to do in-place upgrades, and purchase upgrade editions of Windows 7 in-store. Seems like a win-win here for Microsoft and the customers.

Microsoft stated earlier this year that they would be offering a special version of Windows 7 in Europe called Windows 7 E, which is exactly the same as Windows 7 but without Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft claims that such a decision was required to release Windows 7 on time in Europe. Antitrust regulators in the EC criticized the Redmond Company for bundling only IE8 with its operating system. The regulators see this as a form of monopoly, and believe it is unfair for competitors in the browser market.

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