Windows 7 Release Date Announced – October 22

iunie 02 23:40 2009
Windows 7 Release Date Announced   October 22

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The guessing game is over! Windows 7 will be on sale starting October 22nd 2009.

Microsoft have confirmed that this is the General Availability date they are aiming towards and technology partners such as HP are confident it will happen. Phil Mckinney, CTO of HP said:

We’re locked and loaded for the launch…The quality of code is just absolutely stellar.

In order to finish the OS on time, Microsoft plans to wrap up development of the operating system by the middle or end of next month. This means we will be seeing RTM sometime in July. Microsoft also said without giving specific details that those who purchase PCs running Vista between now and the Release Date will receive either a free or discounted copy of Windows 7. Interestingly, CNet reports that MS is considering a technology guarantee program that will allow existing Vista customers to receive some sort of discount when upgrading to Windows 7.

Anyone planning to line up already?

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