Windows 7 Retail Box Shots Leaked – Real or Fake?

mai 11 21:20 2009

Windows 7 Box Shots

Several blogs today reported that Polish Windows 7 fan site CentrumXP.Pl had published leaked retail box shots of the product. However there’s some debate as to whether these shots are legitimate. Upon closer inspection by Long Zheng, the 7 shown on these boxes does not use the same Segoe Light font used in the Windows 7 Logo.

Windows 7 Retail Box Shots Leaked   Real or Fake?
However, when the editor of CentrumXP.Pl was reached for comment, he told WindowsClub that these shots were indeed legitimate:

“These shots are not fakes. Microsoft has released other stuff like presentations, advertising (not leaked yet) where you can find these images, so it won’t change.”

Butterflies and lens flare does make things a bit suspicious. And why does the Home Premium upgrade box have two different colors? Developing market or not, they should maintain the same color, no? We tried to reach Microsoft, but they would give no comment on these shots at this time.

Windows 7 Retail Box Shots Leaked   Real or Fake?
More at CentrumXP

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