Nvidia prepared for Windows 7 this time

mai 11 00:00 2009

This time around, Nvidia has kicked things up a notch with Windows 7. In reply to AMD’s announcement stating that they were first to market with Windows 7 drivers, Nvidia answered back with an announcement of their own by claiming to be the first hardware vendor to release Windows 7 WHQL Certified Drivers for all PC Platforms. Just a few days after releasing 185.81, they released 185.85 on May 6th.

In addition, rumors are stating that Nvidia might be the first to market a DirectX 11 GPU starting with the GTX 300 in Q3 2009. You may have heard previously that AMD/ATI would be the first but BrightSideofNews has reported otherwise.

DirectX 11 is already on Windows 7 systems but there are no ETA dates yet for supported cards and games.

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