Rumor Smash: Windows 7 to support third-party codecs

aprilie 06 23:11 2009

Last week, an article was published on Gizmodo suggested that Windows 7 may block the use of third-party codecs in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. The story referenced an ffdshow developer who claimed that Microsoft had locked mpeg4 and h264 codecs into Media Foundation in build 7057, and that there was no way to override these codecs.

Rafael from WithinWindows investigated and found that this “blocking” behaviour does exist, but it seems to be functioning in a way that indicates it is there temporarily. This was Microsoft’s comment on the issue:

As we move toward the release of Windows 7, we have worked to add more codecs and file types to allow for a better user experience. We also allow Microsoft experiences to use codecs and other format technologies from third-party companies, just as we always have.  Third party applications can use the Microsoft codecs or their own.  Microsoft does not restrict the use of third-party codecs. – Microsoft Spokesperson

The possibility of Microsoft imposing such a strange restriction and alienating its many users seemed unlikely anyway.

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